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Hayride and haunted woods trial. Take a hayride from Arbala community center to the woods where you get off the trailer and take a self guided 3/4 mile walk through the woods.

FM 1567 & FM 2081
Sulphur Springs, Texas, 75482

Contact Phone : 903-243-3995
Email : rightshoe_75482@yahoo.com

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We are open the last 3 weekends in October. 2016 Season October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 & 29

Loved it!
Absolutely loved this place. It's a great place to get your scare on. Lots of fun and will definitely be going back next year!
Posted 10/23/2017
Best one this year
This was the first year we have been here. It was one of the best we have been to this year!!! Great experience. We I'll definitely be back next year!!
Posted 10/23/2017
Awesome Place!!
Place was awesome! Scared the hell out of us, better than Dallas haunts. If you do not like to be scared stick with Boo at the zoo, If you want a scare come to Arbala Haunted woods. Cant wait to go back.
Posted 10/23/2017
Great time!!
Great Haunt. This was a very very good haunted attraction, only bad thing we experienced was a goofy actor up front right pass the pond trying to scare people, you could tell he was a amature and didn't need to be there, kinda like a fish out of water flopping around helpless, real dumb!! Rest of trail was awesome and scary, our group loved it!! I heard from a friend they fired that dumb part right pass the pond, we're going back this weekend to get our scare on! Thumbs up Arbala Haunted Woods!!
Posted 10/23/2017
The best
This haunted woods are one of the best ones near me
Posted 10/22/2017
My name is Ethan vickery I'm 14 and I wanna work there , !!! Plz call me at 903)352 -8123
Call me ! I will love to work there !!
Posted 10/19/2017
Bad Experience
It's supposed to be kid friendly and appropriate but it's not. They say before you go in to keep it clean and friendly and no faul language. You would think they would not allow Drunk People in. But they did not seem to care. The family That went in before us the mom was Carrying her son he looked to be about 3 was running with her son up to the employees grabbing the employees and hanging all over them asking them are you real. The employees were trying to get away from her. It ruined that part for us. We finally get through and we go to the end and wait on a tractor to take us back to the community center. We waited and waited and waited for ever. No tractor showed up so we had to walk back to the Civic Center down these dark roads very dangerous because they did not have enough tractors going to keep all of the Customers safe. Not safe for employees Or Customers. Need to have a plan in Place for safety. Anyone could have got hurt. Should be a no touching and no drunks aloud. Safety first. Will not be back. Came out the last 2 years and also talked about what a awesome place but not anymore. Very unprofessional experience. When you said something it was they did not care about what happened. They definitely did not care we had to walk back.
Posted 10/17/2017
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